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Congo Play

If you were lucky enough to have your own swing set or jungle gym in your back yard growing up, then you don’t need to be told how awesome it is. To a kid, the chance to swing for hours, play on the monkey bars with their friends, or pass the afternoon on the jungle gym in the safety and comfort of their own backyard is the equivalent of heaven on earth.

However, while a child might well be happy with just about any backyard play set, smart parents know that nothing but the absolute best will do. When it comes to swing sets, sandboxes, clubhouses, and backyard jungle gyms, the best options come from Congo Play, and with good reason. Let’s take a close look at what makes this iconic brand the name to beat in quality outdoor children’s options.

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The Benefits of Choosing Congo Play

If you’re the type of parent that truly feels nothing is too good for their children, then it’s not surprising that you wouldn’t want anything other than a Congo play set installed in your yard. Congo sets strike an ideal balance between practicality and sheer fun, while remaining affordable enough to fit into even the most modest budgets.

High Quality Lumber

Congo swing sets and playhouses are built using patented Woodguard lumber, meaning it’s been coated with one of the most reliable polymer treatments out there. Not only does Woodguard effectively guard against splinters, but it’s incredibly low maintenance and easy to care for over the years.

Strong and Durable

Congo sets aren’t disposable backyard options, by any means. They’re meant to provide children with many years of safe, enriching, and enjoyable play, so they’re built to last, and then some. Congo play items are UV stable, as well as guaranteed not to chip, crack, peel, or rot no matter how harsh the elements where you live. Even the most boisterous children can’t play hard enough to destroy a Congo!

Easy on Parents

Some swing sets are a major headache for parents to assemble, are we right? Good thing the experts behind Congo understand that getting an awesome playset ready to go shouldn’t give Dad a migraine! All items in the Congo Play series are pre-cut, pre-drilled, and completely foolproof when it comes to assembly. Even if you’re all thumbs, you’ll be able to make short work of the assembly process with Congo.

Make KidWise Your Source for Premium Congo Items

At KidWise, we absolutely understand how important it is to you to provide your children with play experiences that are fun, safe, and memorable. That’s why we stock a full selection of quality Congo play sets.

Choose from deluxe swing sets, roofed sand boxes, clubhouses, jungle gyms, and more. Congo’s sleek designs and easy assembly will wow parents and children alike, while our everyday bargain pricing, fast shipping, and superior customer care will make getting your hands on the right option as easy as pie. Let KidWise provide you with the perfect items to help make your child’s playtime memorable today! 

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