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FirstBike Safety Vest Accessory

FirstBike Safety Vest Accessory

Model: FB-SV

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Quick Overview

This safety vest is a must have accessory for your child's FirstBike to help keep your child visible through fog or the setting sun.


The award winning FirstBike balance bike has raised the bar for all balance bikes, push bikes, and training bikes. Like others, the FirstBikes help develop balance and motor skills. What sets them apart from other training bikes is their composition, quality, and ability to change. These balance bikes were designed in Germany and made with Fiberglass Polyamide and other light-weight and high-strength materials. Unlike training bikes made with wood or metal, these bikes will not swell, scratch, splinter, or rust and these bikes are extremely durable. Also unlike the other brands, FirstBike balance bike tires are profile “Trax” tires with tubes with Schrader valves. An extra safety feature is the Safety Stop Hand brake; which is adjustable to fit even the tiniest of hands. As we said, the FirstBike balance bike is extremely adaptable. Not only will it change with the weather but also with age. This bike will last for years because not only is the bike extremely durable, it can be adjusted to grow with your child! Sold as an accessory the FirstBike has a lowering adapter that allows children as young as twenty-two months to start riding. Also, the bike has a fully adjustable seat so that the bike can be used up to about five years old. No need to be disappointed if the snow falls and it gets too difficult for your kid to ride the bike. Available as an accessory is the Snow Ski-Set which replaces the front wheel with a ski attachment and allows the fun to continue year-round.


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