Black Friday Came Early…Month Long Sale



The hustle and bustle of the holidays is now upon us. One week from Thursday is Thanksgiving and then we have just a few short weeks to enjoy the holiday season with our friends and families. For the past few years major retailers have tried to eliminate Thanksgiving by starting what used to be Black Friday a day early. This year we have decided to break away from this 2 day sale trend. Instead of being packed into 2 days (Black Friday and Cyber Monday) we are leaving our sales up for a month! We know how much pressure the holidays can be and that is why we are offering time. Time to think. Time to plan. Lastly, time to purchase the gifts that you know will excite and entertain your children for years to come.

This holiday season we are offering our valued customers 10% discounts across all KidWise Inflatables, Magic Circle Trampolines with Cages, and Congo Play Sets. Not only are we offering this huge holiday sale but we also have fast and free shipping in the 48 contiguous states. If you order by 12/16/16 before 1pm EST we guarantee it will be delivered by 12/23/16.

So lets kiss Black Friday goodbye and say hello to options. Buy now or buy later and rest easy knowing you are getting our best price of the season and delivery before the holidays.


Black Friday is Starting Early- 10% off 10% off of any KidWise Residential Bounce House or Inflatable Water Slide!

Every child’s favorite moment walking into a birthday party is when they realize there is an awesome bouncy house or water slide for them to play on! Why rent a bounce house once a year for $300+ when you could own one? Residential bouncers are not quite as big as the ones you may rent but they pack just as much fun! Plus they can be set and taken down in a matter of minutes. Do you want an awesome water slide for the summer but also want it to be usable all year? Check out our bounce houses with wet or dry slides like the Endless Fun 11 in 1 or the Little Sprout. No matter what you want to get from your bounce house or water slide we have the perfect option for you.



Black Friday is Starting Early- 10% off Magic Circle Trampolines with Safety Enclosure10% off of any Magic Circle Trampoline with Safety Enclosure

Magic Circle trampolines have been made in the USA for over 50 years with a strong focus on quality and safety. Magic Circle Trampolines are designed to promote safe use for children and easy assembly by adults. The exclusive features of Magic Circle Trampolines make it the safest way to bounce and play. Kids will spend hours of fun and excitement in the convenience of their very own backyard! Not only are Magic Circle Trampolines Made in the USA, tons of fun, and safe, but they also have one of the highest weight limits in the industry of 450lb.

2016-kidwise-monkey-bonus-02 Buy a Congo Monkey #1-5 Play Set and get a Free Bonus Offer or 10% off

The experts behind Congo understand that getting an awesome playset ready to go shouldn’t give Dad a migraine! All items in the Congo Play series are pre-cut, pre-drilled, and foolproof when it comes to assembly. Congo swing sets and playhouses are built using patented Woodguard lumber, meaning it’s been coated with one of the most reliable polymer treatments out there.

10% off any Congo Play Set, Sandbox, or Clubhouse10% off of any Congo Play Set, Sandbox, or Clubhouse

Not only does Woodguard effectively guard against splinters, but it’s incredibly low maintenance and easy to care for over the years. Say goodbye to sanding and staining your playset every few years Congo playsets have virtually no maintenance just wash them off if they get dirty! Plus the lumber is back by a 10 year warranty and Made in the USA!

Celebration Bounce House and Slide – #MoonBounceMonday

Today is our first #MoonBounceMonday and our product spotlight is on the Celebration Bounce House and Tower Slide.


Celebration Bounce House and Tower Slide


“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.” –  Fred Rogers


When designing this bounce house we wanted something that had multiple ways to play and was great for a variety of ages, all while exuding a fun party atmosphere which could still be used for regular fun.

The Celebration Bounce House is  fun for celebrations year round and takes the party outdoors!  Kids today spend half the amount of time outdoors as 20 years ago. We would like to begin reversing that. There are so many benefits to outdoor play for children; they become more physically active, outdoor play inspires creativity, kids become less aggressive, focus and retention improve, and so much more!

The party atmosphere of this bounce house is perfect for Birthdays and Holidays as well as every day fun. We designed this bouncer to be  great for different age groups by adding a separate play area that can be used for little ones that need their own space, or as a great place to play with pvc balls.

Are you worried that owning your own bouncer may be to difficult? Worry no more, this bounce house inflates in minutes and can be easily stored. Its package dimensions are just 37″ x 18″ x 17″ so it wont take up much space when you go to put it away.

Inflated Dimensions: 10’x 15’x10’H

We’re Bumping Up the Summer Fun – 3 New Water Slides

It’s that time of the year when we all begin thinking about SUMMER. Visions of family vacations, picnics, the pool, and outdoor fun swim through our minds. One way to make your kids feel like they are on vacation right in you own backyard is to invest in a backyard water park. This takes one of the most exciting things for a child, inflatable water slides, and puts it right in your backyard. At your disposal whenever your kids feel the urge for loads of splashing and sliding summer fun. Your house is sure to be the hit with the neighborhood kids when they see a huge 39′ long Back to Back Water Slide like the Dueling, or an awesome Dinosaur Rapids Water Park featuring Diggy the Dinosaur, and how about the Cyclone water slide which features two slide and a lazy river. Check out our three awesome new water slides for 2016!

DUELING™ 2 Back to Back™ Inflatable Water Slide

DUELING™ 2 Back to Back™ Inflatable Water Slide

The DUELING™ 2 Back to Back Inflatable Waterslide with its 4 in 1 Action is like your own Water Park in your back yard! Make sure you have room for this Monster, it is a 39 FOOT LONG unit. Double Slides are back to back. You have a Water Slide and a Rock Wall on each side. Two kids can slide on 2 different slides at once. Huge 39×16.1×10.5 Feet Tall! This Unit is rated for Residential use only. Handles up to 4 Users at once. Weight Capacity is 400lb’s overall. Made of 320D PCV backed oxford Nylon and PVC Tarpulin.  Item Weight 120lbs Includes Blower, Stakes, Instructions Free Shipping included!



Cyclone 2 Back to Back® Waterpark and Lazy River

Cyclone 2 Back to Back® Waterpark and Lazy River

CYCLONE 2 Double Waterpark . Two Crazy Waterslides are great for back to back fun. These Slides curve like a cyclone and land in a pool of water connected to a Lazy River. The Lazy River connects both slides and goes under the main base of the slides. Even grab a tube and just float for a while. This KidWise WaterPark Unit is the Ultimate Water Slide and Lazy River.

Up to a 400 lb total weight limit with 4 kids overall. Only 2 kids at 100lbs each on the Slides at a time. Overall Dimensions: 27.9′ x 16.1′ x 7.5’H


KidWise Dinosaur Rapids Water Park

KidWise Dinosaur Rapids Water Park

The Dinosaur Rapids Water Slide will keep your kids active and entertained with all of the exciting activities featured! Head up the climbing wall and select which of the two water slides to go down. Are you going to slide down Diggy the Dinosaur’s tail or are you adventurous enough to slide out of his mouth? The choice is yours. After racing down the Back to Back® water slides soak your friends with the water cannon, shoot some hoops, splash around in the landing pool, or crawl through the tunnel while you wait for your next turn down the slide. Dimensions: 27.9′ x 17′ x 7.5’H



Options are limitless at for ensuring that your kids have the best summer ever!



commercial bouncer, commercial obstacle course

5 Tips for Starting a Bouncer Rental Business

Bounce house rental businesses are great for independent and motivated people looking to start up their own company. While bouncer rentals may seem like a fun and easy business to start up, there is a lot of work involved. Make sure you are committed to the fact that a lot of your weekends will be taken up by your new business.  If that does not bother you then let’s discuss some of the main points you should consider when starting up your rental business.


Pick a Name for Your Business

When it comes to selecting a name for your new business you want to make sure that it fits in with your business theme and that it lets people know what you have to offer. For example if you plant to offer other party rental items you probably don’t want your title to sound like you exclusively rent inflatables. If you are planning to get business from the phone book or websites with alphabetized listings, try and think of a name that starts with a number or one of the first letter in the alphabet. This way you are one of the first listings they will see. Studies have been done in regards to the primacy effect, which means that if given a list of things people are more likely to pay attention to the first items on the list rather than items further down.


Research Your Local Area

Look around to determine who the competition for bounce house rentals is for your area. Just because there are others out their doing the same thing does not mean you cannot succeed, you just need to do it better than they do. It does however mean that there is a demand for this service in your area. Check out what type of inflatable bouncers they have to offer, what their websites look like, and how their pricing is set up. This way you can determine the best plan for your business and know what works in your area.


Select Your Inflatable Inventory

With the recent rise of residential inflatables make sure that the bounce houses you purchase are commercial grade. Commercial inflatables come in a variety of types, themes, and sizes. To start out select an assortment of different types of inflatables with a theme that can work for boys and girls of all ages. Starting out you should have at least two Moonwalks, one wet or dry slide, and an interactive game or obstacle course.

Continue reading “5 Tips for Starting a Bouncer Rental Business”

Playground and Landscape Rubber Mulch

inflatable bouncer, inflatable water slide, bounce house

Caring for a Residential Inflatable Bounce House

Residential inflatables are the perfect answer to get your kids to enjoy playing outdoors anytime of year. In order to protect you bounce house so it lasts for a very long time and is used safely follow the tips below.

Follow the Safety Instructions

Your bounce house should include a set of instructions and a safety warning label. These guidelines will tell you tings such as how to blow up and properly secure you bounce house, as well as the weight limits and user restrictions. Make sure to follow these guidelines when setting up, using and storing your bouncer.

Prep the Location 

When selecting and prepping the area to blow up your bouncer consider the following:

  • Distance from an outlet – Since bounce houses are “constant air inflatables” they will need to be plugged in during use. If you need to use an extension cord make sure that it is rated for the appropriate amps (blowers are between 3.8 and 9 amps, depending on the unit) and is the correct length.
  • Level ground – It is best to set up your bounce house on a flat even surface.
  • Clear of debris – Choose an area free of debris or potentially hazardous objects. If there is small debris on the ground pick up as much as possible. This will eliminate hazards to the children and protect the bouncer.
  • Protective tarp – Lay down a tarp where you will place the inflatable. This will protect the inflatables from any debris that you may have missed which could puncture the bouncer.


When storing your bounce h0use there are some potential ways you could unintentionally damage the bouncer. Review the recommendations below to prevent such damage:

  • Make sure the inflatable is dry – It is very important for your bouncer to not only be stored in a cool dry place, but also for it to be dry wen storing it. Mold and mildew, which damage the fabric and lining, can grow if there is still water in the inflatable.
  • Do not drag – It is very important that you do not drag the bounce house to the storage location unless you are pulling it by the tarp it is on top of. This is important because dragging can cause rips or holes in the bottom as well as damage to the fabric you are using to pull.

If you take all of these steps and something still manages to happen to your bounce house don’t fret, there are ways to repair it. For rips along the seem use a wax tread and hook needle to sew up the rip, making sure to start about an inch before and an inch after the rip. For holes or rips in the bouncer fabric you can use tear aid patches available here.

Residential bounce houses are sure to provide your children with tons of fun if you take a little time to follow the simple steps above.


Top 20 Inflatables of the Summer Season


Summer provides months of great weather, no school, and backyard barbecues! Is there any better addition for loads of fun than your own backyard bouncer or water slide?


One of the things your kids want is something that mixes a lot of enjoyment with the great outdoors. In fact, there are all kinds of exciting outdoor options that can provide your children with hours of entertainment, right from the comfort of your own backyard.
Whether your child likes bouncing, climbing, or splashing down a water slide, you are sure to find a great option in a large inflatable. While the options are plentiful, we found 20 of the top inflatables you don’t want to miss out on this summer season.

Clubhouse Climber Bouncer

#1 Clubhouse Climber Bouncer

Why just bounce, when you can climb, too! With both options available, the Clubhouse Climber Bouncer is a dream come true for any child. This inflatable bounce house if full of different activities, including two external slides, plus one internal slide for even more delight.
In addition, you’ll find two ways to climb to the next level, plus a catwalk that doubles as a ball pit area. With a 6×8 foot bouncing area, this inflatable provides plenty of adventure for the kids all day long.

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Dueling Back to Back Inflatable Water Slide

#2 Dueling Back to Back® Inflatable Water Slide

Imagine an inflatable water park with four slides of fun! That’s what you get when you purchase the DUELING Back to Back Inflatable Waterslide. This huge inflatable includes a water slide and tunnel slide on each side, meaning four kids can slide at one time!
This inflatable is huge, so make sure you have room in your yard to set it up. Altogether, it is 40 feet long, with one tunnel slide and one water slide on each of its sides. Don’t worry about how to get it to your house, though. The DUELING Back to Back Inflatable Waterslide comes with free shipping, which makes it an even better deal.

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Arc Arena II Sport Bouncer

#3 Arc Arena II Sport Bouncer

For an even larger space, be sure to check out the Arc Arena II Sport Bouncer. This inflatable sport bounce house offers whopping 10×20 feet of room, giving multiple bouncers room to play for hours. Both ends include an open soccer goal and basketball hoop. The bouncer even comes with six all-purpose balls to start up the fun.

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Crocodile Swamp Water Slide

#4 Crocodile Swamp Water Slide

Take your summer of fun to the next level when you purchase the Crocodile Swamp Water Slide. This inflatable puts a private water park in your own backyard! It includes two water slides, plus a splash pool and a water cannon. It addition, enjoy the climbing wall, crawl tunnel, and the basketball hoop.

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Splash Landing Water Slide

#5 Splash Landing Water Slide

While it’s great to mix in sports, it’s even more fun to mix in water, too. The Splash Landing Water slide includes a water cannon for extra enjoyment. This is the kind of inflatable water slide that guarantees there won’t be a dry seat in the house. The kids will have too much fun going up, and then down the slide into the shallow wading pool, and then shooting the water cannon at their friends, to take a break for a little while. Kids can also access the splash pool by crawling through the attached tunnel.

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Jump’n Dodgeball Sports Game

#6 Jump’n Dodgeball Sports Game

Mix the love of sports with inflatable fun when you choose the Jump’n Dodgeball Sports Game. This inflatable bounce house goes up in just minutes, including two separate bounce areas, making it a great choice if you have kids of different ages. The partition with several holes in the bounce areas creates a fun one-of-a-kind 2 team game of dodgeball with built-in challenges for ball throwers and ball dodgers! In addition, the set comes with four soft dodge balls and a pump.

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Celebration Bounce House

#7 Celebration Bounce House

There’s no need for an official occasion, but you’ll always find time to celebrate with the Celebration Bounce House. The bounce house works well for everyday fun, plus for birthdays and holidays, too. If you want to divide off the space for little bouncers, you can do that, or you can just fill the space and make it into an entertaining ball pit. To add to the celebration, this inflatable includes a unique tower slide, too.

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Little Raceway Bouncer

#8 Little Raceway Bouncer

Mix racing fun with bouncing fun when you choose the Little Raceway Bouncer. This inflatable bounce house comes in a bright red, white, and black, accented by a checkered racing flag. Get ready to start your engines, because this inflatable bounce house also includes a slide that’s perfect for the younger crowd. Along with the 7×7 foot bounce floor, the “pit crew” can also hang out in the 4×4 ball pit.

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Hot Summer Double Water Slide

#9 Hot Summer Double Water Slide

Slide into the tropics when you purchase the Hot Summer Double Water Slide. Just like its name, this inflatable features two slides, great for racing down to the bottom. The inflatable also includes dual water cannons and a climbing wall to the top.

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Aztec Falls Back to Back® Water Park

#10 Aztec Falls Back to Back® Water Park

Take your racing to a whole new level with the Aztec Falls Back to Back Water Park. The park offers two oversized water slides, plus a climbing wall, water cannon, and two basketball hoops. Slide right into the shallow splash pool at the bottom for refreshing finishes.

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Endless Fun 11 in 1 Inflatable Bounce House and Water Slide

#11 Endless Fun 11 in 1 Inflatable Bounce House and Water Slide

If you can’t decide between a bounce house and a water slide, why not choose both! The Endless Fun 11 in 1 Inflatable Bounce House and Water Slide offers the best of both worlds. The unique inflatable allows you to slide with water or without water. In addition, it has room to climb and to play in a ball pit, plus it has a basketball hoop, a tunnel, and more. The bounce house and slide also comes with a huge storage bag for the times you aren’t using it, plus two Velcro balls, one neoprene ball, a blower, and some stakes.

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Monkey Explorer

#12 Monkey Explorer

Remember the old children’s verse about monkeys jumping on the bed? These monkeys are jumping in the house! Well, the bounce house, that is. In fact, your kids will really go bananas over this wild, outdoor adventure. The Monkey Explorer Jumper is an inflatable bounce house with a crawl-through tunnel, and an inflatable slide that your kids can get to from either the bouncing floor itself, or by climbing up a rock wall on the outside.
The jumper is even more entertaining, because it includes three holes on the front, allowing kids to toss balls through the bounce house and into a net. All three holes are at different levels, too, making it easy for kids of all ages to play and have fun. The Monkey Explorer Jumper comes with stakes, a blower, 25 PVC balls, and a carry bag to make transportation easy.

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Zoom Water Slide

#13 Zoom Water Slide

All you need is a water hose and a little bit of space to enjoy the KidWise Zoom Water Slide. This fun inflatable slide is great for kids. If you always dreamed about having your own water park in your backyard for your family to enjoy, this is it! The slide comes at a great price, plus it’s easy to set up, too.

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Party Bouncer Inflatable

#14 Party Bouncer Inflatable

Your littlest bouncers are in for a real treat when you bring home the Party Bouncer Inflatable with Slide. This classically designed bounce house includes an area for bouncing, plus a slide and a basketball hoop, too. Don’t worry about the weather, either, because this playhouse works both indoors in your rec room and outdoors in your yard. As well, it’s easy for parents to assemble because the Party Bouncer inflates in just minutes.

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Princess Enchanted Castle with Water Slide

#15 Princess Enchanted Castle with Water Slide

Make your little princess really feel like royalty when you bring home her very own castle. The Princess Enchanted Castle is a bounce house and a slide, all wrapped up into one. The entrance is fit for a queen, too. With a front curtain and princess graphics, she’ll feel like the queen of the backyard! Girls and boys can get to the five-foot tall tower slide through the bounce area, which is big enough for up to four kids to enjoy at a time.

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Obstacle Speed Racer

#16 Obstacle Speed Racer

If your little guy or girl is more interested in winning the race than winning the crown, you’ll love the Obstacle Speed Racer. The bounce house has room for two kids to race through the inflatable obstacle course, and then slide down to the finish line with dual slides. It also has plenty of room on the inside of the house to bounce and have some fun. The entire Obstacle Speed Racer inflatable measures about 19 feet from end to end.

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Draco the Magic Dragon Jumping Castle

#17 Draco the Magic Dragon Jumping Castle

Both princes and princesses will enjoy jumping around in the Draco the Magic Dragon Jumping Castle. This inflatable castle comes complete with inflatable columns, flags, and, of course, Draco the Magic Dragon himself on top!
When your kids need a break from all the jumping, they will be sure to enjoy sliding down the inflatable slide, and then climbing right back up again. This inflatable castle is easy to inflate, and it comes with air blower plugs that fit with any 120V standard outlet.

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Summer Blast Water Park

#18 Summer Blast Water Park

Have a blast this summer with the Summer Blast Water Park. With an impressive three slides, plus a large pool area, a tunnel, and a ball hoop, this water park has it all! Even when kids are using all three slides, there is still room to splash around in the pool, while playing with everything else this inflatable includes.

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Zoo Park Bouncer with Ball Pit

#19 Zoo Park Bouncer with Ball Pit

Keeping with the wild jungle theme, don’t forget to check out the Zoo Park Bouncer with Ball Pit. This inflatable bounce house is like going on a crazy safari adventure. It includes fun-loving animal graphics, plus a bounce area, ball hoop, two slides, and a ball pit. One of the slides goes straight from the bounce area, on into the ball pit, so your kids never run out of something to do.
To keep your kids busy, the Zoo Park Bouncer with Ball Pit also comes with 50 PVC balls. The inside bounce area measures 60×57”, and it holds about three kids at a time.

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Little King's Castle Inflatable Bouncer

#20 Little King’s Castle Inflatable Bouncer

Finally, we offer up proof that you are never too young to become king of the castle. The Little King’s Castle Inflatable Bouncer is shaped like a pentagon, with a nearly five foot long slide. The castle comes with a large carry bag to bring the fun with you when you visit friends, your local park, and more.
Measuring 7×11 feet, and about seven feet high, the Little King’s Castle Inflatable Bouncer is a great selection for families with younger kids. With fun, bright colors and a recognizable design, this castle is guaranteed to be the place your kids and all of their friends want to be all summer long.

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So, before summer seasons kicks in, be sure to bring home something your kids not only want, but will also use time and time again. Large inflatables provide hours upon hours of fun for kids, and hours of entertainment for mom and dad.
For a great quality product at a great price, KidWise has you covered. We offer a number of residential, as well as commercial grade inflatables to fit your needs. Not only do we offer budget-friendly options, but we also offer free shipping, making for a great deal.
Whether you want a large bounce house, an inflatable water slide, a complete water park, or an obstacle course, KidWise has the products you need at reasonable prices. For a quality investment when it comes to your kids this summer, do not miss out on bringing home one of the top 20 inflatables of the summer season.

Trampoline Safety Tips

MagicCircle-12hex Trampoline

Trampolines make such great toys for children of all ages! Is it any wonder that all the kids from the neighborhood will often flock to the one house that has a trampoline in the backyard? Not only do kids love to play for hours on trampoline, but they also provide children with the necessary exercise for healthy weight management and mental development. Jumping on a trampoline is a form of cardio that will promote heart health, decrease the likelihood of childhood obesity and disease like high blood pressure and cholesterol.

However, even though trampolines are quite amusing and an excellent form of exercise, when used incorrectly, they can cause injury. So how do you make sure that all the children stay safe?

To make sure the activity remains fun and safe, follow these precautions:

Adult Supervision Required

All kids, no matter how old, should be supervised whenever they are on the trampoline. This is partially because they are always trying to one-up one another by attempting to do tricks. With proper adult supervision, potentially harmful behavior can be stopped before it gets out of hand. Plus, too many kids on at the same time spells trouble, so an adult can help keep the number to a reasonable amount. Even though the neighborhood kids may flock to your house, you’re there to make sure they don’t all enter the trampoline at the same time.

Protective Padding

Essentially, all trampolines are suspended mats that are held in place by metal bars and heavy-duty springs.  It’s essential because, without it, you wouldn’t be able to exercise your joints and muscles by jumping. Unfortunately, the metal parts pose a potential danger to the users. But there are easy fixes to cover the metal bars and ensure trampoline safety! While most trampolines come with this protective padding you can buy it separately or replace your old protective padding for added security. These mats are highly recommended for all trampoline models. Remember, before your kids climb onto the trampoline to always check the mats to make sure they are intact and in the correct place.

Safety Cage

Most trampolines come with the possibility of adding a cage or purchasing it with an integrated cage. Safety cages are so important to help protect your child when playing on trampolines. Keeping safety as the most important thing, some trampoline brands, such as Magic Circle Trampolines, come with protective padding and integrated safety enclosures. These integrated enclosures eliminate the gaps that exist with conventional trampolines because the cage is sewn directly to the mat.

Follow the Operating Instructions

Just like anything else, it is important to read the operating instructions and guidelines.  One of the most overlooked sections is the maximum amount of weight and users.  If too many people are on it at the same time, they can bump into one another (which is dangerous) or the excess weight can break the trampoline. Again, this also goes back to adult supervision. You are more likely than your children to read the operating instructions and make sure that the trampoline is properly used.

The operating instructions also explain how to keep the trampoline safe during all seasons and weather conditions. Take the necessary steps to protect it from UV rays, rain, snow and ice to keep it in optimal condition.

Safety First

Before any child goes onto the trampoline, perform a safety check. This entails circling the trampoline to make sure that all netting, protective pads and mats are in place and do not have any rips or tears. If you happen to spot damage, repair it immediately and in the mean time do not let anyone on the trampoline. Resume use only when all safety equipment is in place and properly working.

Don’t Use Near Water               

This should go without saying, but if you have a pool along in your backyard, you should make sure the trampoline is a safe distance away from the pool. Both a pool and trampoline provide children and adults with exercise and outdoor fun for hours, and are great to have available for your family and friends. However, they should not mix and make sure anyone who goes from pool is completely dry before doing so.

Safety is number one when it comes to your family. Keeping all the safety preventative care measures in mind, you should feel confident that a trampoline provides safe outdoor activities for the whole family!

Take Playtime Outdoors


Playtime for children is so vitally important for growth and development. Not only do kids thoroughly enjoy playing, but parents will also enjoy the health benefits and mental stimulation that playtime offers their children.

When kids play, particularly outdoors, they not only get exercise that strengthens their bones, muscles, and fundamental organs, but also learn social cues like team building and sharing with others. As if that wasn’t enough, many play sets also encourage creativity.

As long as the weather is nice, allow your kids to take playtime outdoors! They have all winter long for video games. These fun play sets make it easier than you think to get your kids moving.

Here are some of our outdoor activity sets that every child will love:

Kids love to have fun in the sun, especially in the water! Watch your kids run, climb, and splash in our inflatable water slides all summer long. With a huge variety, some water slides come with awesome features like lazy rivers and water cannons.

No matter which model you chose, the kids will have a blast squirting their friends with built in water guns, chasing each other up the inflatable rock walls, and down the slides into a pool of cool refreshing water. Some even feature a basketball hoop to encourage some friendly competition.

Bounce houses support active, outdoor play for young kids. They won’t want to leave the bounce house all day! The shaded roof that is featured in all our inflatable bounce houses offers protective shade from the harsh sun that parents will appreciate.

The jumping and running will provide children with great exercise and all-day fun.  With a variety of different themes, from jungles to princess castles, every child’s imagination is sure to run wild!

Most of our inflatable bouncers include slides and ball pits that every kid will adore, and they come in fun, bright colors to match each theme of the bounce house.

If your kids are an athletic bunch, they will go crazy for our sports themed houses! These bouncers promote the most activities and keep your child immersed in high energy level games all day long.

One of our coolest models has a dodge ball pit. The Arc Arena II is the hub of all things sports, including a basketball hoop and soccer goals. How stoked will your kids be to play their favorite games while jumping around in a bounce house? Your kids will want to invite the whole neighborhood to come play in the coolest bounce house around.

  • Wet and Dry Combos

Want the best of both worlds? Wet and dry combo inflatables offer all the action-packed fun of water parks and bounce houses, but in the same place. Some slides and bouncers are suitable for wet or dry conditions, making them ideal for play all year round!

Other inflatable options come with water slides and pools that are attached to the bounce houses. This way, when your kids have had too much sun, they can seek the shade of the bounce house without compromising playtime.

For the ultimate summer fun, some combos such as the Endless fun 11 in 1 come with slides, pools, bounce houses, ball pits, rock walls, sprinklers, and water guns, all in one inflatable set! Now that’s what we call summer paradise!

You can’t go wrong with a classic swing set. Every child from generations past has made memories playing outdoors, running and climbing around their neighborhood play sets. Slides, swings, ladders, monkey bars—you name it, kids love it.

Great for children of all ages, these play sets promote fun, outdoor play that lasts for hours. Kids will have a blast and be able to let their creativity aid them while playing. Additionally, swing sets allow multiple kids to play on and around the set at once, promoting socialization among the children.

Our swing sets are safely made with non-toxic chemicals, are splinter-free, and are UV-stabilized. They are designed to grow with your children, and we offer many add-on features to grow and expand your swing and play set. We also carry maintenance free Woodguard Vinyl Coated play sets by Congo Play. These beautiful set come in a wide variety of designs and price ranges and offer virtually no maintenance, no splinters, and no warping!

  • Trampolines

Trampolines are one of the all time favorite pieces of outdoor play equipment for kids of all ages. Kids can bounce and play all day with their friends. Trampolines not only offer tons of fun but are a great form of exercise, at medium pace a 150lb person will burn over 400 calories in one hour!

If you have any concern regarding trampoline’s safety our Magic Circle Trampolines with Integrated Safety Cages are sure to ease your mind. These one of a kind safety cages are sewn directly to the mat to eliminate any dangerous gaps and keep your child inside the bounce area.


Any outdoor activity is better than none. You don’t want to miss out on the major benefits your children will reap when taking playtime outside. Outdoor activities promote stable emotional health, social interaction, and on-track growth and development.

There are many options when browsing the KidWise site for the perfect activity set that promotes outdoor fun! No matter what you chose, your kids will need little convincing to stay active all day long!

Playground Safety Tips

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Playgrounds and swing sets have been a staple at every park, schoolyard and backyard across the country and with good reason! Playgrounds provide the ultimate place for children to get much needed exercise and socialization that are both highly important in developing minds and bodies.

We understand that as parents, you worry about the safety of your children at all times. Although safety and protection is number one when it comes to your family, you shouldn’t rule out playgrounds all together. There are far too many benefits, for both you and your children, to ban them. Going to the playground should be fun and stress free. With a few easy steps, you can feel safe and let your kids spend hours climbing, jumping and chasing their friends at the park.

In addition to equipping you with tips and tricks that ensure your child’s time spent on the playground is as enjoyable as possible, we will outline the advantages of allowing your little one plenty of playground time.

Outdoor Exercise Is Good

Children who learn to lead an active lifestyle early on tend to grow into adults who continue that active lifestyle throughout their life. The first step in assuring your children see exercise as a good thing is to make it look fun. Playgrounds ALWAYS look fun to kids, especially when they see other children having a blast.

By allowing your children to play on playgrounds you are providing them with the potential for hours of fun exercise! Even just allowing your child 30 minutes of playtime a day will greatly improve your child’s mental and physical health. It has been proven that kids who exercise will:

  • Less likely be obese
  • Decrease the likelihood of developing type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Improve mental well-being
  • Increase energy levels

Additionally, exercise strengthens vital organs and body parts such as:

  • Heart
  • Lungs
  • Bones

Outdoor play isn’t just good for your kid’s physical well-being, spending time outside playing also increases mental stability among children. The fresh air will provide a nice break from video games and promotes mental well-being. Also, you are doing your kids a service by allowing your children to play on the playground with other children. By playing in a social setting, they will learn to share, play in groups and build strong relationships with their peers.

Carve Out Time for You

Your kids aren’t the only ones who benefit from hours (or at least 30 minutes) spent outside but you do as well! Getting out of the office or house into fresh air will give you a peace of mind. You can use this time to read a book, catch up with neighbors or friends or even join your children on the playground!

If you decide to put a play set or swing set in your backyard, you can plant and garden, or catch up on other activities while you are outdoors keeping an eye on your children as they play just a few feet away! Remember though, adult supervision is very important when your kids are playing on outdoor play sets and other outdoor equipment.

Safety Matters 

As stated, we take safety very seriously and we don’t blame you for doing the same for your kids! When taking them to your local playground, you should do a quick check of the equipment to ensure the safest playtime possible. Things to check for on the playground:

  • Intact guardrails

All platforms that are intended for school-aged children, and which are 30 inches or higher from the ground, must have guardrails installed to keep the children from falling. If you notice that they are missing, please alert city officials immediately so they can have them installed. Be sure to keep an eye out for the platforms that don’t have rails

  • Broken swings

Of course, one of the most popular playground activities is the swing! Small children love them because they can finally see from way up high, instead of looking up from below! However, check the swing sets and the seats carefully before your child sits down. Their bottoms and their egos will thank you for it.

Most new playgrounds use rubber mulch or rubber tiles for safety surfacing. This material creates a safe landing pad for your child if the fall. The depth or type used is based on the highest point your child could fall from. The appropriate depth of safety surfacing for a playground is important both at parks and at your house. This could be the difference between a serious injury and a bruise if your child were to fall from the set.