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Birdie Ball Hoop Golf Target with BirdieTarget

BirdieHoop 6' Target and BirdieTarget with Flag Set for Birdie Ball Golf

Model: KW-BB-HOOP-Target

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Special Price: $53.95

Quick Overview

This set comes with a 6' BirdieHoop Target, Carrying Case for BirdieHoop, Single BirdieBall and BirdieTarget with Flag!


The BirdieHoop 6 foot, netted target was created to be an integral part of the BirdieBall School Golf Curriculum.  Now available for home use this giant net target gives the golfer a great backyard at which to shoot. Prop it up and catch them all. Lay it down flat and let backspin hold either the golf ball or birdieball on the surface. Great to play "In the Zone" one of the great BirdieBall School Games. Hit yours in... hit theirs out. Who has the most balls in the zone?  Plus, you can use it together with the amazing BirdieTarget. This combination makes a big target with a small target inside.  Can anyone say, OH YEAH! 


  • 1- Carry bag for BirdieHoop
  • 1- 6' BirdieHoop
  • 1- BirdieTarget with Flag
  • 1- BirdieBall Single Ball


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